For Older Adults, Caregivers, & Healthcare Providers

Most of us want to live for as long as possible — as long as we’re healthy and can live independently, without being a burden to our families. With the population of adults 65 and older expected to double by 2050, the concept of “healthy aging” is increasingly important for families and healthcare providers to consider.

My work emphasizes 3 essentials to healthy aging:

  • optimal physical and cognitive function,
  • meaningful engagement with one’s surroundings, and
  • minimizing the risks of disease and disabilities.

I design unique programs to help people flourish and find renewed vitality in their “third act” of life. I also work with the people who care for others, teaching them strategies and exercises that enhance the health and mobility of their loved ones or clients.

As an advocate of ongoing professional development and education, I also customize and lead programs covering increased adaptability and health and wellness for offices, organizations, and schools worldwide.

Aging is inevitable. Loss of independence is not!

We all cherish our physical independence, yet we often don’t think about actively maintaining it until it’s threatened by injury or illness–sometimes irreversibly.

What’s more, we undervalue the important role memory and mental fitness plays in maintaining long-term independence as we age.

My approach to healthy aging is simple: learn and integrate high-value habits to strengthen both the mind and body, and reap immediate benefits while setting yourself up for future rewards.


  • building memory, strength, coordination, and balance to ensure that daily functions are easy, safe, and ergonomically appropriate for each person’s needs
  • optimizing nutrition and hydration 
  • enhancing environmental factors such as living spaces and social connections


  • Improved mental agility and mood
  • Increased bone density and muscle tone
  • Reduced risk of injuries (including falls)
  • Reduced incidence of chronic illness

  • Faster recovery from illness and injuries

1/ Personalized Workshops

for organizations, businesses, families, and individuals

In these sessions, designed for maximum engagement and practical application, participants learn and practice vital approaches to healthy aging.

Each workshop is customized to address the concerns of the participant/s, based on age, current challenges, and desired outcomes.



for organizations and businesses

These 1-hour classes focus on the mind-body connection, aka neuro plasticity—a key to longevity and prolonged independent living.

Through a series of simple but effective exercises, I teach participants to improve dexterity, flexibility, balance, and memory.


3/ Living Space Optimization (New)

for families and individuals

Your home environment has a huge impact on your quality of life- whether or not healthy aging is a primary concern.

During these in-home or virtual visits, I focus on optimizing safety, improving convenience, and uncovering and solving hidden hindrances
in key spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, and high-use storage areas and closets, to ensure that layouts and organization are ergonomically appropriate for each person’s needs.

Solutions can range from strategic handrails, alternatively designed items, reorganization and/or relocation of household objects and creation of automated online shopping lists and deliveries.

Want to improve the aging experience for yourself, a loved one or a patient?

I’m interested. What’s Next?

  1. Schedule a 30 minute discovery call
  2. Complete a questionnaire to your establish goals
  3. We’ll set up your first assessment and planning session


“My 74 year old mother has been suffering from fibromyalgia for many years. They’ve never found anything that helps her problems in the social health care system even though we’ve always had good doctors. As her daughter, I’d like to see my mother be pain free and as independent as possible.That’s why we started chiropractic care when we met Cate. Ever since then, my mother is more lively and takes much better care of herself. She’s more peaceful and sleeps better than ever, she has better balance so she’s become more independent and her arm hardly hurts anymore, which used to be one of her main complaints. My mother’s happier now than I’ve seen her in a long time, and there’s nothing that makes me happier.”

“I used to suffer from osteoarthritis and had to take medication to manage the pain. I had a big hump forming on my back and I felt very nervous and anxious. Thanks to Cate, I’ve noticed so many physical and mental improvements. Now I sleep soundly at night and I feel peaceful when I wake up. I can think more clearly, I have more ideas and am more motivated to do things and I feel like I can face problems in a different way now because I’m more confident. I no longer need to take any medication because the osteoarthritis pain is completely gone. Even my friends tell me I look better and I feel happier. What surprised me was having to buy new clothes because the hump on my back is gone!”—MARI AVEDILLO

“I’ve been going to a chiropractor for more than 5 years. I’d tried others but when I found Cate, I really liked how she works and so I have stayed with her. I like that we have the same ideas of how to age well like: having a sense of joy and living less stressfully, accepting the passage of time and my body’s changes and taking the best possible care of myself physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I never miss my visits with Cate and I always leave floating. Now, I sleep much better, have less anxiety and feel less stressed out in my life.”

“I found Cate when I was looking for relief from my back pain and I am eternally grateful for everything she’s helped me with physically as well as the mental stability that she’s brought me. I limped through her door the day of my first visit and I noticed the effects from the very first adjustment when I left and no longer had the pain that had been shooting down my leg for so many days. I’m not afraid of throwing my back out anymore and I can do the things I used to do that had become too painful like playing tennis, which I love and am playing again. I came in like a SEAT 600 and I left like a Ferrari.”—ANDRÉZ JIMÉNEZ